Berkeley Castle Management

So far, the power has stayed on in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.

However, the weather forecast for this evening suggests that there may be more power outages by tomorrow morning. 

If the power should go off at Berkeley Castle, we will do our best to give you enough warning before you head off (or don’t head off) to work in the morning.

Here are some tips of what you can do to prepare yourself, should the power go off in your own  home:

1)    Close off the parts of the house you  aren’t staying in. The idea is to have everyone in one room to conserve heat. 

2)    A single candle may provide enough lighting in some power outage situations. Lighting: Make the best use of light sources. Several people may be able to use the same light source simultaneously in activities such as reading around the same lighted candle.

3)    Don’t waste batteries. Charge your cell phone, and laptop now.  Find all  your candles now. 

4)    The drinking water should be kept some place where it won’t freeze....

5)    You should still be able to flush the toilet by pouring water in the commode tank.

6)    Do off-grid cooking in the garage, some well-ventilated area or outside. The carbon monoxide from lighted charcoal, a gas stove or propane cooker can be deadly in a closed, sealed area.  If you have a gas stove at home, you may still be able to light it to cook.

7)    Have lots of board or card games around. Many of them can be played around a  single lighted candle. (During one memorable Iowa blizzard many years ago, my entire family played Monopoly for nearly three days straight! I went bankrupt several times!)

8)    Have a big selection of good books to read. Don’t rely on a Kindle! When the batteries die out, so do the stories. Find books that can be read aloud, and let the kids do some of the reading.

9)    - Useful craft projects, that contribute to the overall well-being of the group, can be appreciated.

10)  Snuggle with your loved ones or visit friends who have power.

11)  If the power remains off for more than 72 hours, and remains below freezing, you’ll need to think about what to do to prevent your water/heating pipes from freezing.


Cheers,  from the management at Berkeley Castle.