Berkeley Castle Management

There is lots of news at Berkeley Castle this month.  We would like to remind you to share this newsletter with all the staff in your company.

1)      Security at Berkeley Castle.  Last week, we had an afterhours break in.  It is the first we have had in the 30 + year history of offices at Berkeley Castle.   It most likely happened between the hours of 5 and 7:30 pm.  We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of a few things you can do to help keep this building safe:

a.      If you see a stranger walking around in the hallways, try saying:  “Hello, can I help you?” This is often enough to scare some “thieves of opportunity” away.  If it’s not a thief, you would have done a good deed.  If you still have concerns, please contact management. 

b.      If you have more than one lock on your door, please remember to lock both when you leave.

c.      Please do your best to keep valuable items out of eyesight from your entrance door.

d.      If you have an alarm, remember to set it.  We also encourage you to make our phone number the first response number should your alarm go off.

e.      During the day, if your office door is unlocked, it is never wise to leave your “reception area” unattended. Especially if there are laptops or things like purses or wallets within easy reach.

We have staff on duty 24/7.  At night all visitors (without keys) to the building need to provide ID, and sign in.  We patrol the complex regularly; however we can’t hear everything that goes on.  This was a most unfortunate incident.  It was not a huge theft, but to the two people who lost their laptops, it was a big thing.


2)      Outside in the park, there is a big black wall underneath the basketball court.  Under the leadership of two artists, eight youth from The Esplanade community will create a mural there. Artists and youth will meet on a weekly basis from May to July to work on this project, from concept to realization.  Members of the community (particularly all tenants at Berkeley Castle who look at the black wall every day), are being asked for their input. All suggestions will be presented, and will be taken into consideration and used as a source of inspiration.  Get your creative juices flowing, print the attached form, write or draw your ideas, and drop off to the management office before May 1. Unveiling of the mural will take place in July.


3)      Nasco Staffing is still recruiting for those TTC jobs we mentioned last month.  This will actually be an ongoing recruitment program for the next couple of years… Summer students, Christmas money, vacation money…’s the posting


4)      Saturday May 3  is community environment day on the Esplanade.  You’ll be able to drop off  a gazillion different things to recycle / reuse.  On the same day, there will be a BBQ, a  big “sidewalk sale” where you can even rent your own table for $20 and the opening of a new sculpture and photo exhibit in the park.    To support the local children’s garden, there will be a raffle for a downtown Toronto weekend “staycation”….if you can’t get to environment day, but would still like to support the children’s garden, tickets will be available the week before from Liz in The Bistro, and at Academy Café.  Don’t forget to take a walk to the park afterwards to see the sculptures and photo exhibit.