Berkeley Castle Management


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For building hours over the Canada Day holiday, and other updates, please read on!

We have a new tenant bulletin board in the Loading dock area.  Management just asks that before you post anything, you run it by us, to get our “stamp” of approval.

“Berkeley’s Bike”:   Do you need to borrow a bike for a quick errand?  We have one we can lend you. 

Leaving windows open:   This time of year, when we don’t always have heating or air conditioning, it nice that most of our windows open.  We are reminding you to close them at night….We don’t want birds or squirrels inside the complex, and as it is still quite cold at night, you don’t want to be freezing when you arrive at work in the morning.  

Since Canada day falls on a Tuesday, the management office has decided to close on Monday June 30 as well.  However, on the 30th, the rest of the complex will be open as ususal.  On the holiday (July 1) the complex will be locked as it normally is on weekends.