Berkeley Castle Management


Yesterday evening, we had three incidents at Berkeley Castle.  A total of three laptops were stolen from two tenants (one Tenant in each building).  A third tenant’s security alarm was triggered because their door handle was jiggled.

If you have anything unusual to report, please contact management right away.

Measures Tenants should take:

1)      Make a habit of locking your suite door in any of these situations:

a.      No one is in the “reception area”.

b.      You are working alone, and don’t have a clear sight line to your suite door.

c.       You are working alone, and just leaving to get a coffee or go to the washroom.

2)      When a staff person no longer works for you, don’t just ask for their key back, change the locks.

3)      Double check that the door is locked whenever you leave the suite unattended (especially end of day).

4)      Signing in after hours:  Please sign in and out when you come to work after regular hours.  You may not feel the necessity to sign in after hours.  However, this is our best way to log comings and goings. Not only is it for security purposes, it is also a fire regulation.  The sign in book is in the lobby @ 2 Berkeley.


Measures Management will take:

1)       Added security rounds:  Currently we patrol the building a number of times each night, we will add early evening patrols.

2)      Checking doors:  Currently we check door knobs of almost all suites every night to ensure they have been locked.  We will move this to an earlier time.

3)      Locking the building:  We traditionally lock the entry doors around 7pm.   Until we are comfortable that this has been resolved, we will be locking at 6pm.  This means that after 6pm, all tenants must leave via the 2 Berkeley street doors or the garage (where we have a number of security cameras).  All tenants arriving after 6pm must either have a key to enter the building, or request to be let in.

4)      Signing in after hours:  We will ask our security guards to enforce this often neglected rule.  


This is most disconcerting for us, and we will do whatever we can to stop it.  We will be following up with the police for any other recommendations.