Berkeley Castle Management

Improvement to air flow through our ductwork system.

We purchased a new compressor (see picture below) for our boiler room.  The new one is now up and running. 

The overhead ductwork in your suite provides cold air (A/C) in the summer and circulation of fresh air the rest of the year.  Within the ductwork there are louvers throughout the complex that open and close in response to thermostats inside the ducts in the various areas.  These louvers are operated pneumatically (by air pressure). An air compressor is required in order to open and close the louvers.  The red compressor (photo below) is 30 years old, and was no longer operating as it should.  The cost to repair and refurbish it,  was as much as buying a new one.  The new compressor is much better, but compressor technology has not changed that much, and changes will likely go unnoticed. 

We did however, expect the transition to go unnoticed, but it took longer to install than planned.  As a result, with the louvers inoperable, you may have noticed either no air flow or too much air flow through the system the last two days.  So, we thank you for your patience. 

Regards, Building management. 


New compressor                                                                  Old compressor