Berkeley Castle Management

Remember, the Open House is today, at New Visiosns (suite 101 off the courtyard 1 - 4 pm).  They are looking forward to meeting all their neighbours.   To encourage you to come, below is a quiz (with prizes) for  you to complete, and hand in today. 


Hand in your quiz at the open house, and at the end of the day, six random people with the correct answers will win a prize!



1.       What is New Visions Toronto?

2.       How many homes do we have?

3.       What event do we have in February 2015?

4.       Who donated 65,000 dollars to New Visions Toronto?

           And what was the money used for?

5.       Where was our 2014 Golf tournament hosted?

6.       How many people do we support?

7.       Who won the putting contest in our 2014 Golf tournament?

8.       How is New Visions Toronto Funded?

9.       Who is the Executive Director?

10.     What is our suite number?

resource materials:

Bonus Question:  When is my Birthday?  

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Linda Leistner

Berkeley Castle building management


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