Berkeley Castle Management

On Thursday September 1, we will be conducting our annual fire alarm and sprinkler system testing.

As part of the testing, you may hear gurgling noises through some of the pipes...Not to worry,  this is part of the testing of our fire safety sprinkler systems.

The alarm bells within the complex will all be tested individually, and will ring for about 30 seconds (more or less).  You may also hear outside bells ringing (other than the school recess bells).  We have a few bells on the exterioir of the complex that are operated by water pressure from the sprinkler system. Again, part of the testing.

As a refresher, I have also incuded the link to our Tenant fire safety plan.  In case of a fire in the complex, does your business know where the closest fire exit is, and have you picked a location outside of the building for all your staff to meet?  (remember - the courtyard is NOT considered outside) .  You might also want to use this note as a reminder to check all the batteries in your smoke detectors at home. 

link to fire safety plan

Any questions, please just ask.