Berkeley Castle Management

As the result of an inspection by a Tobacco & Electronic Cigarettes Inspector from the Toronto Public Health-Healthy Environments, we have been mandated to comply with by-law 709. 


We strongly encourage you to read the two attachments for all the details.  If possible, we recommend that at least one copy be printed, and posted in a visible place in your office.

Letter to Berkeley Castle tenants from City of Toronto

Toronto Public Health Q & A.


The major takeaways from the inspection are the following:

1)      When the inspectors return (and they will) it can be a $300  - $4,000 fine for each person they find smoking in a non-smoking area, plus a fine to the building owner of $10,000 (which we will chargeback to your employer).

2)      NO SMOKING within 9 metres of any entrance or exit to the building, or in covered areas.   This means no smoking under either of the passageways, or anywhere in the courtyard.

3)      No smoking in a school playground or playing field.


Where should  you smoke:

We can’t tell you where to smoke, but we advise  you to not go in the school playground or soccer field, and be at least “9 giant steps” from all doors on Berkeley Castle property, in any direction.  As to your cigarette butts, we are not  permitted to put an ashtray anywhere on our property (hence all "chimeneas" had to be immediately removed). The city garbage cans have a spot for cigarette butts, or try using a “pocket ashtray”.   We kindly ask that you work with us to keep Berkeley Castle premises free of cigarette butts. 


If you have any questions, please call the building mangement office. 416-366-3704