Berkeley Castle Management

As I am sure most of you are aware, over the past 4  - 5 years, we have slowly been getting all the exterior brickwork at Berkley Castle repaired.   This spring, it is the south wall of  "The Mill"  (north wall in the courtyard) which will be repaired.

The scaffolding will go up this week, and the work will commence shortly thereafter.  The sooner they start, the sooner it is over.  Ideally, they plan to be completed before the end of July.  For other sections that they have worked on, they have managed to complete the work as scheduled.

Yes, there will be noise, yes there will be dust, yes it will be annoying.  It is a necessary evil of keeping any building maintained.  We will work with the contractors for it to be the least disruptive as possible.   However, at times, the work just needs to be done.

Any questions, please ask.