Berkeley Castle Management

Area Fitness

has an updated schedule for their spin & yoga classes:  click here for schedule


Fire drill @ Berkeley:

sometime in the next two weeks, we will be doing a fire drill here at Berkeley Castle.  Participation by all your staff is highly recommended.  Attached is a copy of our tenant fire safety plan.  You can click to the link, and forward to your staff for their reading pleasure!  Once we arrange the date with our alarm company, and confirm with toronto fire services, we'll let you know. 

Berkeley Castle Fire Safety Plan


Film Shoot in the Courtyard:

Weather pending, on Wednesday or Thursday of this week...TV Commercial, a Drug company.  As you may or may not know, the revenues generated from film shoots not only go to the tenant whose space they are using, but a fair portion also goes back to building complex as a whole to help offset the common area costs (heat, hydro taxes, etc...) It's always a bit of an inconevenience for us, but it's a win win.  Especially when we get to see our "beloved berkeley castle" on TV, and in the movies!