Berkeley Castle Management
September 2, 2010


By Tuesday (after labour day) the city will have finsihed all the piping of our new water mains.  They will be doing the new hook up just after 5pm.

That means the water to our building will be shut off for a few hours (3 to 5 hrs) starting at 5pm.  In emergency, you can go to the rec. centre next door to use their washrooms.  Their doors are unlocked, but we would prefer you didn't go over,  as technically, they are presently closed for fall maintenance.

So, please plan ahead.

On a related note, it was suggested we"flush" the system to eliminate anything residual in the pipes (such as rust).  There would be nothing toxic in the water, but it may not taste very good, so maybe don't drink from the tap until after lunch on Wednesday.



Berkeley Castle seems to be quite popular of late.  This time,  a commercial for a company called Excellus (a.k.a. Blue Cross).  They will be filming inside a suite on the 2nd floor @ 2 Berkeley.  Any tenants who will be directly affected, have already been notified.  There should otherwise be little other disturbance (you will notice the trucks on the street, and extra people in the elevators).    We have posted a sign in each of the lobbies.