Berkeley Castle Management

This neighbourhood has never been part of a "BIA".  We received notice that the  St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood BIA is intending to expand it's area to  now include everything south of Richmond, and west of Parliament.


The link below is to a PDF of all the documents we received.  We of course, are happy to share this information with you, but we are also required to advise you.  Each tenant in the building has the opportunity to review the documents, and express whether they accept or oppose the proposal.


There are benefits to being members of a local BIA (see the last page of the PDF).  Our property taxes, will however increase.  When I contacted the existing BIA, they suggested that a tenant in our building with approximately 1,000 square feet, may see an increase of $50 to $60 per year  in their property taxes.


If you still have questions, after having read the above, more info.  can be had at:


Thanks, Linda.