Berkeley Castle Management

Re: Potential Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) – such as Lighting Improvements.


Berkeley Castle is exploring  opportunities to reduce your energy costs.  To date, we have installed energy efficient lighting by changing our hallway lighting from T12 to T8, installed compact fluorescent lamps and other changes.  We appreciate your efforts as well. 

Thanks to one of our tenants  (Energy@Work) who is in the business of energy management, we have recently been made aware Energy Efficiency incentives that are now available to improve energy use even further, including upgrading lighting.   Energy@Work has kindly offered to send one of their own staff to do an inventory of remaining T12 lighting.   They will then prepare the appropriate business case for our review.  This will allow us to determine the cost/benefit of converting to a more energy efficient option, including available incentives.


Over the next week, Energy@Work will identify themselves with an authorization letter from our office.  We ask that you allow them into your suite to “count lights”, and to also thank them for their efforts that will help reduce all of our costs.  If you have other suggestions or comments – please feel free to pass them along as well.

Thank you