Berkeley Castle Management

Two bits of construction / repairs will be happening in the Castle over the next few months.


We will be repairing and replacing  some the sidewalk  in the courtyard.  There are a number of areas where the concrete is cracked and crumbling....there will be noise, but we will do our best to make sure the worst of it happens off hours.  




We will be replacing ALL the T-12 fluorescent fixtures in the complex.  When the building was renovated, T-12 fluorescent were the standard.  Now T-5's are much more accepted.  They are much more efficient,  a smaller tube, and brighter.  

if you remember, a few months ago, one of our existing tenants (energy@work) sent one of their staff around to assess all our lighting.  With their help, we applied for and were approved for  a rebate  which will cover up to 40% of all costs associated with this upgrade.  We will also receive a rebate for any lights eliminated due to the upgrade.  

The electricians will be starting this week.  They will commence with all common areas, and will then move onto tenant's suites.  For convenience, we ask that you allow the electricians to replace any of the relevant fixtures in your suite during regular business hours when you are there.  We will try our  best to give at least a weeks advanced notice to assist in scheduling.