Berkeley Castle Management

As I am sure most of you are now aware, the construction work on the courtyard sidewalk has started.

Most days, they will be starting around 7am with the noisiest work, and try to stop the big noise before 10am.  Today, they had to set up, so have started later.

Yes, I know how much noise it makes, as my window is just outside the bulk of the work.  It is unavoidable.  If you find the noise unnerving, we have purchased some earplugs that we are prepared to hand out.

thanks for all your patience.


In regards to the e-mail i sent yesterday, it was pointed out to me, that not everyone knows what a T12 light is.  Just to be clear, these are the 4 & 8 foot long fluorescent tubes.  if you don't have any fluorescent tubes in your suite, the replacement program will not affect you. 


Cheers, Linda.