Berkeley Castle Management

Please forward to all your staff,

***CAUTION ****

 during construction.

...We have had to tape off, or close off  different areas daily according to where the work is being done.  Whether it be wet cement, or open construction area.

 We kindly ask that you respect all signage, and seek an alternate route to your destination.    For the routes most travelled, we have provided detour signage.  We have also left the "West Gate" open in the evenings to facilitate exiting form the complex, and access to the garage.   If there are any problems, please brng to our attention. 

..As to when this will be complete....Mother nature (the rain) has a large role to play in the completion date.  We would like to assure you that we want it completed as soon as possible.

Regards,  Linda

P.S.:  ...Any self guided detours should not include climbing over the barricades......