Berkeley Castle Management

This is crazy weather.

Last week we had some very warm days, and turned on the Cold Air Conditioning.  This also means we had to turn off the boiler / furnace.  This is not a simple task .....

Most of the complex  has "early morning warm up" where we have separate heating systems on the roof to provide supplemental heat through the air circulation.  In buildings like this, lighting and computers also contribute to provide heat.  

Yes, it is that time of year again...  It is supposed to warm up later this week.  By Monday it will be 25, and you will be looking for air conditioning again.  But, today it feels chilly. We can't turn the boilers back on, but the rooftop units are set to keep the complex at a reasonable temperature.

It certainly does not help, that when it is cold, miserable  and damp outside, we feel that way, regardless of the indoor temperature.  This time of year, we encourage you to  keep a sweater hung over the back of your chair, and check the weather forecast before you head out for the day.......