Berkeley Castle Management

Pre-emptive measures for the heat:

Please ensure that your windows, doors (for our retail tenants) and blinds are closed.  This will help keep the sun out, and the cool air in.  Tomorrow’s weather forecast is for the hottest day in Toronto’s recorded history.  Of the twelve A/C units that keep Berkeley Castle cool, ten of them are essentially brand new.  They are efficient and high tech, but we don’t need to stress them more than needed. 

There is going to be a lot of stress on the City’s grid, let’s not add to it.  It costs us an average of $500 + to air condition the complex each summer’s day.  Let’s not make tomorrow a $1,000 day!

Dress appropriately, wear your sun block outside, and remember to drink lots of water....That headache you are feeling, might not be caffeine withdrawal; could be dehydration!