Berkeley Castle Management
october 5, 2011

It’s going to be busy at the Castle....


We don’t want to overwhelm you, but there is quite a bit of important information in this newsletter, and we kindly ask that you ensure that you and your staff are informed.


Not necessarily, in order of importance, but in date order.



  1. Film Shoot:

Yes;  this neighbourhood has been a busy place this fall for film shoots.  On one day, between October 12 and 15th  McDonalds will be filming in a number of locations.  From the park across the street, the courtyard, inside tenant suites, to the roof at Berkeley Castle, and the old Porsche dealership.  For any filming done on Berkeley Castle’s property, we are appropriately paid.  We apply this money to offset the buildings operating costs (CAM) which in turn lowers your overall rent.   



  1. STWM (Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon). 

     The event is on Sunday October 16th, and there are a few things you might need/want to know.

  • The company that organizes this huge event (RCP) are tenants here at Berkleley Castle.
  • They raise nearly  $ 3 million for over 150 charities.
  • Another one of our tenants (New Visions Toronto) is one of their registered charities. You can sponsor anyone on their team by clicking here
  • RCP sponsors “neighbourhood cheering sections” which not only provide entertainment for the runners, but the cheering sections raise money on their own, and vie for substantial cash prizes given to the “best” cheering section.
  • St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association (SLNA) cheering section has been “in the money” for a number of years.  Last year, they were 2nd place winners, and are hoping to reclaim 1st.   The SLNA raises money specifically for the community nutrition program of which the school right next door is one of the primary recipients.....Berczy Park 9 am! (Church & Wellington)
  • The owners of Berkeley Castle are one of the sponsors of the SLNA cheering section, and also support the nutrition program directly. 
  • You can support the nutrition program by sponsoring Dennis or Monique (residents in the neighbourhood) who will be running the marathon.  Attend their party/fundraiser on October 12 @ Hanks (9 Church St) or go on line.  Here is the link for the party.  
  •  The run goes along Front Street, right past Berkeley on the way out at around 9am, then on the way back from 11 am to 3pm.   If you want to come to work by car that day, you’ll want to arrive by 7am, and not plan to leave until after 3pm. Click here for all road closures



  1. Tuckpointing Repairs- October 17 to Nov 30


This building is after all over 150 years old, and they certainly don’t build things the ways they used to (thankfully).  When there are westerly winds during a rainstorm, we get seepage through the bricks on the east wall. This problem stems from the fact that the mortar between the bricks is 150 years old, and porous.  Also, on the fact that the air pressure inside the building is lower than outside,  and when it rains, not only does the wind push the water in, but the air pressure sucks it in as well.  All attempts at repair over the past number of years have been unsuccessful.


Over two years ago, we applied for, and just recently received a historical grant and tax rebate in order to repair the brickwork.  Very shortly, we will be commencing the project of having the east side of the “tower” refurbished.  This will entail re-caulking all the windows, and tuck-pointing the entire east side....We still have received no guarantee as this will actually solve all the problems.  150 year old design expected the materials to breathe. It was after all, a factory, and a bit of dampness on the interior walls was just bonus humidity.   Today’s new construction though, would have provided for a `water wall ‘or a kind of drip tray to keep the water on the outside.  Unfortunately, this is not something than can be done after the fact!


There will be hoarding (a tunnel on the sidewalk to protect you from debris) outside the main entrance, and on the Berkeley St. side of the building.   The bricklayers will be working from swing stages off the roof (like what you see window cleaners use).  From start to finish, the project will take about six weeks.  If your office is on the east side, you will hear some noise inside when they dig out the mortar outside your window.    


This project will cost nearly $140,000 and about 95% will be covered by the grant and rebate.



  1. New Roof and A/C units. 

Over the past six years, we have replaced all but 3 of our A/C units, and 1 of the roofs in the complex.  Both projects have to go hand in hand, and this winter we will be completing this work when we re-do the roof, and A/C on the Tower.  This will result in higher “R” value on the roof (better insulation), and more efficient (and higher technology) cooling....  More news, as we confirm the dates.



  1. Building reminders:


RECYCLING:  Do you and your cleaners recycle?  Fine paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, toners, batteries, burnt out fluorescent bulbs.....If you are unsure, contact management.


HEATING AND COOLING:  The boilers are on, the cooling is off.  It is still a difficult time of year to manage indoor temperature.  We don’t want the heat on too much at night, and then for it to warm up naturally during the day such that people then ask for cold air.  When the outdoor temperatures fluctuate the way they do this time of year, an extra sweater at work is always a good idea.


Happy Thanksgiving.  Security staff will be on duty, but the Management Office will be closed on Monday.