Berkeley Castle Management

Scaffolding / Tuckpointing / Roofing / Air conditioning

The tuckpointing on the south side of our building is now complete.  However, while they were up there, we decided that we would do some upgrading to the brickwork for the lintels above some of the windows.  Unfortunately, we need to wait for warmer weather to complete this part of the project.    If you look up, you can see some areas covered in white tarp for winter protection.

Over the past 6 or 7 years, we have replaced all roofs  and A/C units except on “the tower”.   This work will soon be commencing.

The scaffolding will remain on the outside of the building.  This will protect the area for the roofers and the A/C contractor.  It will also be needed for the balance of the brickwork.  On the brighter side, this will also keep that sidewalk clear of snow for all winter!


Fibre Optic at The Castle?

You may also have noticed the big hole that was dug this fall on the corner of Berkeley & The Esplanade –as well as the huge patch of asphalt in place of the interlock.    This was done as part of “Beanfield’s” extension into our neighbourhood.  What this means is that fibre optic will soon be readily accessible to our building. .....Stay tuned!


Laurels & Darts

Yes, a new and maybe regular feature of our e-news.  Good things that we hear about from our tenants and some gentle reminders:


...A transformer caught fire in the alley behind the school!  This was not a drill!   We would like to thank all the ground level tenants who were able to open their doors to about 400 children who were evacuated (in the freezing cold without their winter coats) from Market Lane Public School next door. 

A tenant who wishes to remain nameless has a client who ordered WAY too many candy canes for a seasonal promotion.   There are boxes (and boxes) of them in the loading dock.  Each box contains 200 raspberry flavoured candy canes.  Take as many (boxes that is) as you like.  At the end of the week, the balance will be donated to a good cause.

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A reminder that liquid dish soap does not go in a dishwasher and is for washing dishes in your sink ONLY.  If it is used in a dishwasher, there are far too many bubbles.  Not only will this flood your suite, but will cause damage to your neighbours below.  The proper dishwasher soap does not foam.  A little sticker on the dishwasher or some other note may prevent this from happening again.