Berkeley Castle Management

it’s warm, it’s cold, it’s warm, it’s cold, it’s warm, it’s cold,

Last week we had temperatures above  + 25.  On the weekend some snow.  Average temperatures for this time of year are around +7.  We should be back there this week.  Yes, it’s that time of year where you need to keep an extra sweater at work.  It’s a big building, and the furnace/boiler can’t always react as quickly as we’d like when there are large outdoor temperature fluctuations.

As a bit of trivia:  The warmest recorded temperature for March was  + 26.7 in 1946.  The coldest was  -26.7 (yes the same #) in 1968.  March has the biggest temperature spread (53.4 degrees) for any given month in the calendar.

This year has certainly given us some challenges in terms of weather.   It looks like our heating bill will be about $6,000 less than last year. Unfortunately, the air conditioning was about $20,000 more!

Below is our latest news update:

  • Fibre optic @ Berkeley Castle!  Beanfield is  here! Link to special offer and information.

  • Special spring deals at AREA Fitness.

  • If you have never been down here on the weekend, May 5th would be a good time to come out.  It is a City of Toronto “enviro day” next door near the Rec centre.    You can come to get free compost, get rid of old paint cans, recycle old computer equipment, donate old eye glasses and all sorts of things.   I think they will also be having a plant sale, and other community activities.  On the weekend of May 5th, one of our tenants will also be holding a charity art sale in support of Autism in our courtyard (look at the elevator sign posts in the next few weeks for all the details) .  If you don’t normally drive to work, but would come by car on this day, please pop by the management office, we will give you a temporary pass card for the underground garage to park for free that day. 

  • Lastly, an important yet delicate subject matter for all of you who bring your pets to work.  Some people are afraid of dogs, and the the courtyard is meant as a place for our two legged tenants, not four legged.  There is a big dog walking park right at Sherbourne which is the perfect place to let our four legged friends work off energy, please keep your dog leashed until you get there. As well, we have to work VERY hard to keep the grass in the courtyard alive, and frankly, this is green space and not a doggie toilet where our staff have to clean up after your pet.   Unfortunately, from here on in, we must ask that you not let your pets run loose in the courtyard.