Berkeley Castle Management

Spring news and updates for everyone who works at Berkeley Castle

1) Weather forecast calling for variable temperatures.   A gentle reminder that at  this time of the year, when we get large fluctuations in outdoor weather temperatures, our  own bodies don't  like it, and the building's heating system can't adjust quickly enough.  lf you check the weather report each day, dress appropriately, and  leave a sweater at work just in case, it should go a long way in keeping you comfortable while at work. 

2)  Garage repair work:   For all of you who park in the underground garage (aka princess garage), you have certainly noticed some construction happening at the entrance area.  This will be ongoing until the fall.  

3) Elevator upgrade for 2 Berkeley:  Many of you experienced this last fall at 250 The Esplanade, and had to use the stairs.  People @ 2 Berkeley are lucky, in that only one elevator at a time will be out of service.  Commences May 13.

4) Facade improvement grant:  We recently applied for and received a $12,500 grant to make improvements to the exterior of the building.  Keep your eyes open for new awnings, building signage, and energy efficient lighting.

5) Recycling - PLEASE  In our loading dock area, we have designated bins and areas for fluorescent bulbs,  toners, batteries, cardboard, compost, and general recycling.  And, in case you have anything left after that, we have a garbage bin.  If you use an external cleaning company, please ensure they are kept aware.