Berkeley Castle Management

It's not a BIXI bike, it's the BERKELEY Bike:  A trip to the St. Lawrence Market?  A meeting on Bay Street, or a ride to Sugar beach.....We now have a loaner bike (and helmet).  Please e-mail us to reserve it.   

Was it dark when you went to use the building washrooms this morning?   At night, to save energy, we are making a conscious effort to turn out the lights in the common area washrooms.  If you are the first person to  use them in the mornings, you'll need to turn them back on (look for the switch behind the door)! 

Do you park in the garage?  A reminder that over the next two weekends it is being cleaned.  You should have received an e-mail in this regard.  If you didn't,  please call management.

The Esplanadians Fundraiser was a success:

Pictures and story

P.S. ...It's still only May, and the temp is set to go as high as 31 (39 with the humidex) today.  And to think - less than a week ago, it was not even 4.....Monday, back down to 15.....Today it's hot, but Monday you'll need that sweater hanging on the back of your desk chair again! 

smiley photos courtesy of Robert Deleskie