Berkeley Castle Management

re: flooding of berkeley Castle

Instructions for Tuesday morning:

Firstly: If you park in the undergroung garage on LP (non reserved), we ask that you drive up to the SP (top) level today.  This is traditionally reserved parking for the school next door.  As school is out,  you can park there.

Secondly:  For safety reasons, we have shut off all the elevators.  the "elevator pits" had filled with water (they are designed to be able to handle this).  However, we would like the service company to come and give us an AOK before we turn thhem back on.

Thirdly:  Please be extra kind to many of your fellow tenants with ground level suites, who were all flooded. 

Should you have any questions, please wait to call the office after 9am.  We will be busy organizing the morning clean up crews.....