Berkeley Castle Management

Tuesday 6:30 AM - Update

Mostly, we would like to recognize that even though we had water coming into the ground floor at Berkeley Castle, many of the people who work here, may have it worse at their own homes.   It also makes us think about the extensive damage in Calgary, and the big job that city has going forwards.

This morning, I am sending a compassionate call for dehumidifiers and fans.  If you have one at home, that you can lend us for the cause, we would greatly appreciate it.   The more the better.   With what happened in Calgary, we do not expect the insurance company to be able to send a clean up crew crew right away.  They have been sent out west to help there.   I'm quite sure that we are going to be on our own for much of this one. 

On ground level where the water poured into most of our suites, we have lifted carpets, but the cememt floors undeneath are stll damp.  The fans and dehumidifiers will help dry this up.

We have been working dilligently all night with a small crew to mop up and clean up.  More people will be here to help today.

We still hope that the elevator technicians will come this morning to give approval to re-start the elevators. Until then, we ask that you walk up to your suite.

The lower level of the garage still has some water, and we still recommend that you park on the "SP" top level.

Again, for the day today, please hold any 'regular calls' to management....Of course, please call right away if there are any "water issues"

thanks, Linda.