Berkeley Castle Management

After the rain……

 It may be invisible to all our tenants whose suites were not affected by the rain last Monday, but most of our tenants on the first floor sustained substantial damage in the rain.  Our top priority over the next while will be getting their offices back up and running, and start repairs of the damages. 

Berkeley Castle Management, and the affected tenants would like to thank you for your understanding if Management is not able to respond to all of your requests as quickly as we normally do.  We are a bit overwhelmed.

 If you snapped any pictures  (or video) of the rising waters in the courtyard or on the Esplanade, we would love for you to send them.   We may need them to support our insurance claim, and would also like them for our archives.


Berkeley Castle's new (although temporary) reflection pool.  Photo courtesy of David U.K.  - Cue Digital suite 127