Berkeley Castle Management


....We try not to inundate you with too many e-mails, but here's the latest Berkeley Castle news.

  1. For many of you, the flooding of July 8th was a while ago.  For those tenants whose suites were flooded, I am sure it is still quite vivid in your minds.  You'll notice that the drywall is still missing in the lobby areas of 2 Berkeley.  Until you see that fixed, you'll know that there are tenants still waiting for the final work to be completed in their suites.

  2. Fall weather is coming.  Yesterday was super hot, tomorrow will be unseasonably cold, then warm again on the weekend. It’s that time of year again where you need to be prepared for fluctuations in temperatures.  Since we can’t have the air conditioning, and the furnace running simultaneously, you need to plan for the weather when you come to work.  The A/C will still be on for a few more weeks.  It always helps to have an extra sweater at your desk.

  3. The street is a mess!  When I approached the city over a year ago to ask when they would be fixing the Berkeley Street sidewalk, and all the potholes;  they told me:  “not at least until 2014”.   My guess is that because of the street work being done on Front for the Pan Am games, they moved our repair work forward.  To my complete surprise, they showed up on Wednesday.  When will it be finished you might ask?  Unfortunately I don’t have that answer!

  4. Garbage & recycling:  We are proud of how we recycle.  However, it’s time for a gentle reminder  -  For your own staff, and if you use a special cleaning company, please make sure they are aware of this. 

  • We have a big bin for garbage at the back of  the loading dock. 
  • We have another big bin in front of the garbage for cardboard (please flatten all boxes – it’s a waste of your money to pay to empty a bin full of unflattened boxes).
  • We have small bins just for compost.
  • We have medium (blue) bins for recycling.   
  • We also have a bin for recycling toner, and another smaller one for any batteries you want to bring down to the loading dock.

Our Tenant Area Fitness is offering free yoga and spin classes next week, and special rates for fall memberships.  Link below to register in the classes.