Berkeley Castle Management


As mentioned in last weeks email, we are upgrading the fire alarm panel.   For the next 2 days, our fire alarm system has been turned off, and will be on manual monitor.  Smoke detectors, and sprinklers will all be functioning normally, but the alarm bells will not sound automatically if there is a fire.  

After hours, our staff will be performing hourly fire watch inspections throughout the complex. During regular business hours, we kindly ask that all people in the building assist us  with fire watch.  If you see a fire, please call management right away.  We can set the bells to go off manually, and the fire department will come. 

Do you know where the closest fire hose cabinets are on your floor?  You need to be trained to use the fire hose, but you dont need training to use the fire extinguishers that are inside the cabinets.....

At some point you should have received a copy of our Tenant's Fire Plan.  If you don't have it handy, you can download it off of our website.  It can be found under the:  latest news > tenant information tab.  Click here for a copy too. 

And, a reminder that Levitt Safety may require access to your suite as part of the upgrade.

Thanks, Building Management.